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For more than a century Lopud has been well known as a seaside resort. At the start of the last century it was the Austrian nobility, which discovered the island. Before there were the Venetians and of course the inhabitants of nearby Dubrovnik were already here.

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The island can be visited in different ways. Three times daily, a ferry travels between the islands and Dubrovnik. Many day-trippers come from Dubrovnik at the weekends to visit the famous sandy beaches. Also, there are excursion-boats coming from several places from the shore or the other islands. And of course, you can also stay in one of the hotels. For instant hotel “Lafodia” (the Greek name of the island Lopud). Further on there are several bed and breakfasts with everything from simple rooms with shared toilets  to new buildings with air-conditioning, showers and toilets in the room as well as apartments. For more information contact us.

With the exception of some bikes, there is no traffic on the island. The village is composed of a long boulevard around the bay. The side-streets soon become stairways. The island is very green because of its freshwater wells and is suitable for nice short strolls. Also, there is a beautifully designed park, formerly it was the garden of an villa from the 19th century. The park is protected by small stone lions.


But also outside the park there are green spots with bougainvilleas, palms and cypresses. Everywhere you here the sound of grills. Otherwise, no other sounds can be heard. With no cars, now and then the puffing of a ships-engine.


There are nice strolls possible on the island. On the roads or through fields of wild blackberries, climbing over rocks and gliding hill down in the watercourses. On top of the highest mountain “Policica” 212 meters, there is a ruinous castle, from where you can oversee the total area and in good weather you can see Dubrovnik.

The inhabitants of this island are real epicures. They love good food, a nice glass of wine and they still like to make live music. There are a lot of small restaurants where you can have a nice and low-budget meal. Also, it is possible to go on a fish-picnic. If you are visiting the isle of "Šipan" then you surely have to eat the “Prsut i Sir”, that is: smoked ham and goat-cheese. The goat-cheese is matured here in olive-oil instead of water.

In the evening when the sun sets and you hear the murmuring of the sea, while you sitting on a terrace with a good glass of red wine from Dalmatia, like “Plavac” from nearby “Ston” on the peninsula “Peljesac”, then you think: ”Why is this island called “Lopud” instead of “Eden”, because here is paradise.